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that enable you to use your company assets more strategically, and anticipate critical business requirements together with your teams and technology.
Providing some of the biggest software solutions in the world

Collaborate, Build & Deploy

Obsidian designs technology solutions using the best in software and vendor partners to help you achieve your individual goals, team deliverables and business objectives - from large enterprises to bespoke companies.


Build, collaborate, deploy & manage


Our partner base allows you to select the best tech arsenal for your team, data, and compute needs with the expertise to deliver an integrated solution that is both future-facing and flexible.

Managed Services

We have proven expertise to maintain your critical infrastructure and address software needs, this ensures you benefit from a managed view of your systems and frees up valuable time to focus on forward-thinking projects.

Software Procurement

We have a dedicated and specialised team to remove many of the administrative burdens when engaging with vendors and we can assist in obtaining the best deals and value-added services with your software licenses.


We want your teams to get the best out of technology solutions and to do this we have certified trainers and training courses to help you to build your own skills and develop internal resources.
We have a global network of vendors providing the best enterprise-ready software solutions that are interoperable, secure, flexible, and open.

We are passionate about building communities and generating interactive dialogue both technically and strategically with our #SmarterCommunities

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We are growing our knowledge base to assist you and ensure that you are ahead of the pack and are able to turn your challenges into solutions.

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