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2016 – the year of XaaS and everything software-defined
The new year will offer up several opportunities to businesses that are ready to embrace transformation of infrastructure and whose CIOs are up to the challenge to help businesses use new technology...
Thu, 17 Dec 2015
Obsidian ‘Free Beer Sessions’
Obsidian prepares to toast the best in open source
The local open source software market is growing and Obsidian Systems, an established provider of open source software, solutions and support, is looking forward to hosting the next Free Beer Session...
Mon, 23 Nov 2015
Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems
Obsidian Systems guarantees value on the journey to Hadoop
Local leader in the provision of open source software, Obsidian Systems says businesses will learn how to transform their data enterprise architecture and benefit from next generation OS systems by...
Mon, 23 Nov 2015 autumnleafIT
Obsidian Systems and Autumn Leaf combines Forces
Open Source (OS) software supplier Obsidian Systems has announced its 25% acquisition of Cape-based IT consultancy Autumn Leaf and expands its footprint in South Africa.   Autumn Leaf is an IT...
Wed, 7 Oct 2015
Grant Finnemore MD of GuruHut and fellow developer
Atlassian in Africa events address fast-growing market
Atlassian in Africa will be hosting events from 16-18 September 2015, in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Go to for more information. The Atlassian in Africa event...
Thu, 3 Sep 2015
Obsidian opts for Attix5 to safeguard client’s data
A close-knit partnership between Open Source (OS) software supplier Obsidian Systems and global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions Attix5 has resulted in...
Thu, 13 Aug 2015