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Obsidian opts for Attix5 to safeguard client’s data
A close-knit partnership between Open Source (OS) software supplier Obsidian Systems and global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions Attix5 has resulted in...
Thu, 13 Aug 2015
Obsidian’s August Free Beer session to toast open source
Open Source software supplier Obsidian Systems invites OS enthusiasts, developers, geeks and friends, to the next ‘Free Beer Session’ on 27 August 2015. This session, the seventeenth in the series,...
Thu, 16 Jul 2015
Beekeeping, the new face of Open Source value in Africa
By default the Open Source software business model features principles or ideals that make it an attractive proposition for businesses of all size.   Experts in the growing field believe that...
Wed, 27 May 2015
Celebrating 20 Years
Obsidian turns 20 and emerges anew
Open Source software supplier Obsidian Systems has reached a milestone and this year celebrated twenty years of service to a market that continues to grow.   The company has entrenched its...
Mon, 11 May 2015
Growing your IT – why it’s important to move beyond legacy
In the current market decision makers have little choice but to adapt their IT systems or risk having their businesses fall by the way side.  Experts in open source software believe the...
Thu, 9 Apr 2015
GuruHut and Obsidian Systems to support Atlassian in Africa workshop
Local open source software supplier Obsidian Systems will join Atlassian solution experts and professionals at a one-day workshop in Cape Town on 23 February.   The Atlassian in Africa event...
Mon, 23 Feb 2015