A once-off service for new installations or extensions for your existing environments. This service is time-based. An estimate will be provided on the expected time required, the actual time spent will be billed. The service is subject to availability and lead times. The following prices are for Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) level engagements.
For new installations, or new additions to existing infrastructure, we follow these basic steps to ensure the solution meets your business needs and expectations, as well as compliment your existing infrastructure.


Scope – Identify and confirm the business need that should be addressed. Propose suitable solutions that fit into your budget and explore the possible impact and ramifications of the implementation on your business's processes and procedures. For bigger projects this could include vendor provided software for evaluation purposes, or even the installation of proof of concept systems.
Architect – Detailed planning of the implementation of the proposed solution, mitigating and minimising productivity impact during installation and testing and confirming the required infrastructure is in place for implementation. Ensure that the proposed deployment process complies with your business's internal change control processes and governance.
Build – Perform the installation according to industry accepted best-practice procedures and your company's change control processes.
Transfer - No project is complete without handover. Whether it consists of a simple access control and log-in credential handover, or formal certified training for your employees on new applications installed, Obsidian will ensure the training identified during scoping is delivered.

Once-off Consulting

Adhoc Clients

Retail Clients

Retainer Clients

Hourly rates for new clients that do not have an existing relationship with Obsidian will be quoted and billed in hourly increments. If you are a Retail Client, that has an active software subscription purchased through Obsidian, you qualify for a 10% discount. If you are a Retainer Client and you require additional support on a system that is not covered by your retainer contract, you qualify for a 20% discount.

Multipliers are effective on all project related work. The service is subject to resource availability ad lead times.

Weekday Office Hours (08:00 – 17:00)1
Weekday Extended Hours (17:00 – 21:00)1.5
Weekday After Hours (00:00 – 08:00)2
Weekend Hours2
RHCA Engagement1.5
Java Consultant1.25