Obsidian Systems sees Red in June

Red Hat Forum, Event, Conferences

Obsidian Systems, an established home-grown supplier of Open Source software solutions, has thrown its weight behind the Red Hat EMEA Forum and will serve as a sponsor of the event, an exhibition of Red Hat open source technology focused on ICT professionals and businesses, scheduled for 24 June in Johannesburg.

Red Hat is an established global open source brand and recognised range of solutions. It is the umbrella body behind an international network of customers, communities and business partners collaborating to develop better technologies and deliver greater innovation.

This Community includes a sizeable and growing South African contingent of open source users and enthusiasts.

Red Hat has organised the Forum, to be held at Vodacom World in June, to highlight technology trends that are shaping open source development and application. Trends such as the rise of the open hybrid cloud model, the new IT, application and enterprise application integration, interoperability and operational efficiency have been added to the agenda.

This focused, industry driven and purpose-filled event has attracted domestic operators in the open source space, including a leader like Obsidian Systems.

Over the years and through investment in skills, acquisition of venture capital and facilitating Linux training (including coverage of the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification), Obsidian Systems has evolved into a national operation and respected provider of Open Source Software strategy and solution integration.

As a Level 1 contributor to Broad-Based Economic Empowerment, the Company has ensured procurement recognition of 135% for customer’s Preferential Procurement Element. It is also a Category B organisation representing 25% black ownership with a B-BBEE level of between 1 and 6.

Obsidian Systems is founded on the core objective to ensure that customers benefit from Open Source software investment.

The Company’s participation and Bronze sponsorship of the Red Hat Forum is viewed as being a credible and powerful extension of its ongoing efforts to build its portfolio and continue to add value.

“We are proud to be associated with an event of this calibre. It serves as a unique opportunity to engage what is an exciting market and help identify the opportunities and challenges that make this area of ICT solution development, integration and application,” says Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems.