Autumn Leaf

The great companies we work with.

Autumn Leaf is an IT service provider focused on the development of Java applications, Hadoop, and services.

Together Obsidian and Autumn Leaf share synergy in the development and application of OS within your business to enhance corporate infrastructure. 

Obsidian Systems and its subsidiaries, including GuruHut and Autumn Leaf’s combined client-base, will reap the benefits both operationally and through improved sales support and services.
The Group's mission is to make your world more open and connected. As a team we are currently in a position where we can start focusing on what platforms will become an integral part of business, enabling even more useful data, methodology to build better software and interoperable future-facing technologies.

Why we partner with other companies

Our partners are an extension of our business. At Obsidian Systems we believe in building relationships where there is synergy of business services and principles. Together with our partners we have an agreed vision of providing relevant services allowing you to focus on your core business needs. Compatibility is key in building great relationships, both in complementary skills and communication. We are scaling from being customer-focused to customer-driven adding value to your business