Exact Consulting

The great companies we work with.

Exact Consulting has partnered with Obsidian Systems as an Oracle Partner. They provide bespoke outsource services partner, Exact Consulting, is built on the simple mantra of flexible, affordable and reliable service. The consistent application of these values, together with our comprehensive service offering have resulted in Exact fast becoming the preferred Enterprise Database Management Services partner and trusted advisor of a vast SMME and blue-chip customer base in the private sector.

Why we partner with other companies

Our partners are an extension of our business. At Obsidian Systems we believe in building relationships where there is synergy of business services and principles. Together with our partners we have an agreed vision of providing relevant services allowing you to focus on your core business needs. Compatibility is key in building great relationships, both in complementary skills and communication. We are scaling from being customer-focused to customer-driven adding value to your business