The great companies we work with.

Viada GmbH & Co. is an ambitious and future-oriented IT service provider, offering complete service around individual software development and Java Enterprise consulting. Our experience allows us to assist you in the development process as a competent partner. We accompany you step by step through the development process: whether as a software development project under our project management from analysis to implementation and integration, in the context of individual project support or as dedicated support for resource bottlenecks in your IT department. As a consulting, training and support partner, we also ensure optimal knowledge transfer to your team and assist you in solving specific technological problems.

They are developing individual IT solutions that fit their customers’ needs best and are focused on Java Enterprise technologies like application servers, workflow management systems, business rules management systems and high performance clustering.

Since 2006 they are a certified JBoss Partner and rewarded with the status of a “Premier JBoss Certified Systems Integrator”. In 2008 they were certified as Sun Associate Partner official IBM Business Partner.

Why we partner with other companies

Our partners are an extension of our business. At Obsidian Systems we believe in building relationships where there is synergy of business services and principles. Together with our partners we have an agreed vision of providing relevant services allowing you to focus on your core business needs. Compatibility is key in building great relationships, both in complementary skills and communication. We are scaling from being customer-focused to customer-driven adding value to your business