Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation


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Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization is a complete virtualization management solution that lets you:

  • Maintain business continuity.
  • Scale and integrate both Linux® and Microsoft Windows workloads.
  • Extend beyond bare metal.
  • Take advantage of the performance benefits, competitive pricing, and trusted, stable environment that you expect from Red Hat.


Performance and scalability.
Get leading performance and scalability for real-world enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange. Find out more

Trust our industry-leading security built on the security-hardened Red Hat Enterprise Linux® kernel. Find out more

Enterprise features.
Benefit from enterprise virtualization-management features, including live migration, high availability, load balancing, power saving, and more. Find out more

Achieve business agility and continuity by eliminating the dependencies between the desktop operating system and the underlying hardware. Find out more

Cost advantage.
Through the power of Red Hat's software subscription model, benefit from lower acquisition and total ownership costs for the same or better feature set when compared to other solutions. Find out more