Designed to Monitor, Maintain and Manage

Designed to fit your critical infrastructure and application requirements. We have proven expertise to maintain your software needs as part of your team. This ensures you benefit from a managed view of your systems and frees up valuable time to focus on forward-thinking projects.

We remotely manage your IT infrastructure and systems, on a proactive basis and under flexible subscription models for your response needs. We will be able to configure, maintain, update, modify, monitor, report and set-up alert your operating system or applications.

When you use SmarterMSP you can rest assured that specialised people that will keep an eye on ensuring that everything is always updated and on. You can reallocate your precious resources to innovate and focus on your core business needs.

Store, Analyse & Govern

Time constraints and business pressures can mean that maintenance is the last resort. Our skilled consultants are at your service. Our monthly retainer service offering gives you a choice of six service levels bundled with a Service Level Agreement. Obsidian Maintain allows for unique customisation around your server requirements with six service levels.

System Retainers

For any infrastructure service that you would like monitored, with or without support.
// maintain / assist

Time Retainers

Call assist is not just the IT guy. You can buy our expertise based on your business needs as an extension of your current IT structure.
// maintain / assist

Availability Retainer

What you want is someone on-site. We rotate resources for dependable, relevant and consistent service delivery. Let us scope your environment, understand what your needs are, and take the load off your mind.

// maintain / assist

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