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Avoid the temptation of over simplifying approaches which leads to exclusivity. No longer is it the case of proprietary systems or open source ones. Rather, businesses need to extract the most value out of legacy systems while running open implementations in parallel to become more flexible to the changing competitive landscape.

Scale, Distribute & Deliver


Our partners are passionate about delivering their best services and expertise to ensure longevity of your IT expenditure.

// legacy systems / future facing / hardware / hybrid cloud


Based on a proud history and track record in open source we believe that our solutions are suitable regardless of the system you have. Essentially, it offers you the freedom of choice.

// interoperability / freedom / deployment

Customer and User Preferences

Each business case requires its own preferences for both teams and systems. One need not erase the past, but one must be prepared for the future.

// integrate / maximise / productivity

Cost effective

Our team of sales consultants are able to manage all your business requirements and will be able to advise you on the best options and a contact for you.

// efficiency / utilisation

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We are passionate about building communities and generating interactive dialogue both technically and strategically with our #SmarterCommunities.

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