The secret of getting ahead and staying there – agile.

Agile to get ahead and stay there.

A lesson in Agile comes from the theme “Our solutions are in nature this year’s #InternationalDayOfBiologicalDiversity or #biodiversity. For the last decade, the UN has been driving a campaign on understanding the interrelatedness of our planet and humans.

Despite our technological advances, we are reliant on health, water, food, medicines, shelter, source of fuel and energy for survival. And although this may look similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it has become a reality for many people across the globe today.

It is, however, this basic need for survival that spurs on a microevolutionary process that demands diversity and keen observation of our changing environment. In the words of Paul McCartney “Win or lose, sink or swim, one thing is certain, we’ll never give in. Side by side, hand in hand. We all stand together”

Introducing the Agile Frog, found in Italy, this remarkable creature has a genetic lineage, dating back to 2.1 million years. This study in 2014 shows that the agile frog in this area has the most divergent lineage, but also is the major hotspot of genetic diversity within this species, suggesting a long-lasting and multi-episode evolutionary history.

Listen closely. Understand our customers’ needs, go back to our genetics and the core of the business and check for relevance. Being agile is the ability to change course rapidly and deal with the sometimes messy and constantly changing course for sustainability. This does not imply changing our genetics completely but adapting rather to our environment.Start with a great foundation to build on, the infrastructure that will allow you to make the transformation. And while remote work is mandatory during the #lockdown for COVID-19 are the tools you using fit for purpose to scale?

Forbes confirms “Because firms that are highly agile can act and respond faster than their competitors, they are taking over the world…” Yes, the ideals of agile were been born of the complexities of the software development cycle and ‘geeks’ but the principles are translating throughout business management processes for HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales. 

Clear, concise communication is what will help your business survive in the long run. Deliver what your customer needs with a seamless back-end of your company’s genetics working in an integrated way to provide a great product or service every time, adding value and delivering a pleasurable experience for employees and customers.  

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As businesses, companies and partners emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic what we learn from this Agile amphibian may sustain us through a predicted tough economic climate that could surpass the Great Depression.

In conclusion, embrace the change and be encouraged that a little progress each day adds up to big results but don’t forget to enjoy the journey on the way. “Play the game, fight the fight. But what’s the point on a beautiful night? Arm in arm, hand in hand. We all stand together.” Thank you, Sir Paul McCartney.

by Angela Ho