Are you continually asking yourself the following compliance questions:

If these questions are keeping you up at night, Chef can help you automate, monitor and find defined vulnerabilities for your hybrid IT Infrastructure and help you action remediate these rapidly.

Scaling is easier said than done. With environments growing and the necessity of migrating to cloud, a hybrid approach and the potential of multi-cloud environments requires expertise. Chef has built an Enterprise Automation Stack to help businesses to be able to configure and deploy compliance standards for your needs.

Compliance is not only for a priority in the Fintech space but for all businesses. Obsidian Systems has developed its compliance with auditing policies that are a collection of our experience across multiple channels and sectors.

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Experience the full range of the Chef Enterprise Automation Stack.

The suite includes:

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Chef Infra, is infrastructure defined as code, to ensure configuration policies are agile, have multi-version testability and are easy to review across your IT team and management. Servers are evaluated against your prerequisites to ensure any non-compliance is automatically corrected and configured accordingly. It can also save time by being universally applied.

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Chef InSpec creates the code to apply your security and compliance rules between software engineers, operations and security engineers for best DevSecOps best practices. Once again automating policy requirements for security and compliance across your infrastructure, including traditional servers, containers, and cloud APIs at every stage of the software development cycle.

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Chef Habitat is an Open Source automation solution. It will assist in defining, packaging and delivering applications, to almost any environment, independent of your operating system or deployment platform. Your DevOps team can build continuous delivery for your applications. Deploy to bare-metal, VMs or containers without the tedious task of rewriting or refactoring and finally scale in a truly agile way for DevOps best practice.

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Visibility of operations for teams in one place is the philosophy of Chef Automate. The enterprise platform enables developers, operations and security engineers to collaborate and deliver infrastructure compliant and ready for application. It also allows changes at speed to meet your business requirements. Chef Automate dashboard provides, at a glance, actionable insights for your multiple datacentres and cloud providers.

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