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10 ways that Jira helps me help you, and your teams. Jira allows you to

Atlassian commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study on June 2019.

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Jira with SmarterTeams

Since 2014 Obsidian Systems has partnered with Atlassian to deliver tools that help teams to create, build and collaborate.

Originally Jira was built to plan, track and manage your agile and software development projects. Jira’s customisable workflows, easy collaboration platforms and visibility is helping teams across HR, Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations, IT, and delivering your DevOps objectives.

Atlassian is an unprecedented leader for delivering the right environment for productivity, allowing teams to work smarter and more effectively together, co-creating with a single shared vision.

A Platinum Solution Partner, Obsidian Systems, has cross-functional teams that can provide turnkey services from licensing, deployment and integration to managed services.


Jira has evolved into a work management tool for all kinds of use cases. “JIRA” is derived from the Japanese word “Gojira” or as we know it as “Godzilla”.

Jira Core

Jira Core is suitable for general team project collaborations: change requests, workflow approvals, task management and on-boarding of employees and tracking campaigns.

Jira Software

Managing your technical teams in Jira is simple for bug tracking, product management, software development, Kanban and Scrum Software Development.

Jira Align

Formerly Agile Craft, this is a cloud-based product that connects one or more Jira instances for better insights for your teams, projects at an enterprise-level.

Jira Service Management

Managing your ticketing systems across any team and keeping your customers happy for Helpdesks, Incident, Change and Problem Management.


Our experienced Atlassian team can help you address your concerns on scalability and extensibility, hosting and security, pricing and licensing, and any product specific differences for all your Atlassian needs. Our technical expertise can also assist with deployment and administration, user management, SSO and LDAP integration and other plug-ins that you would like to implement from the Atlassian Marketplace.

What service from Atlassian is right for you?

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Best practices from Obsidian Systems, a Platinum Solution Partner


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