SmarterData Platform

It runs everywhere – private and public cloud for your choice of analytics tools and all data. Change the way you do everything.

A first with enterprise data cloud – Cloudera allows you to take a holistic approach to your strategy for your data journey.

Obsidian partners with Cloudera as a preferred hybrid data management platform, offering compliance for governance and security for your data no matter where it resides, from cloud all the way to edge.

The process of the full data lifecycle interoperability and tooling for analytics requires the flexibility of a hybrid cloud environment.


Hybrid Data Platform

Operate across hybrid and multi-cloud with Cloudera Data Platform


Integrate management for big data and analytics for your entire data lifecycle

Secure & Governed

Peace of mind security and compliance across all environments

Open & Extensible

The open-source platform ensures open integration and compute architecture

Data Lake Transformation

Separate compute and storage for better control and agility

Cloudera is fixed on the future of data and believes in creating the platform that will support the possibilities that data will unlock today. The platform is built for people to empower themselves to transform their data into insights that will change the way the will do business tomorrow. Backed by a passionate open-source community, Obsidian Systems is also partnering with Cloudera to advance and transform our customers’ data journey.

I am new to Cloudera

Obsidian’s journey with Hadoop started in the fintech space with Hortonworks and now Smarter Hybrid IT strategies with Cloudera.

Already on my journey

We help you optimise your enterprise licensing models for better TCO and can help you move to take advantage of multi-cloud flexibility.

On an advanced roadmap

Is your strategy aligned with a Hybrid cloud model? We offer experience and support letting you focus on your business deliverables.

Manage, govern, secure and support your data in a hybrid IT environment.

Cloudera Technical Building Blocks

• Hadoop
• Streaming
    • Kafka
    • Spark
    • Flink
    • Nifi
• Warehouse
    • Impala
    • Hive
    • Hue
• Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Dashboards
• Operational Database
    • HBase
• Elastic Scalability
    • Kubernetes
    • Containers
    • Object Storage
    • Self Service
• Governance
    • Atlas
    • Knox
    • Ranger
• Redhat OpenShift platform support

Use Cloudera to easily manage your data from cloud to edge.

Data Hub

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Cloud-based Edge-AI analytics service that extends your on-premise flow management and streams with Cloudera DataFlow to the cloud.

Data Warehouse

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Modernise your data warehouse by migrating to Cloudera to enable easy access to your petabytes of data with security and governance without losing accessibility and availability.

Data Visualization

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Make your data come to life with Cloudera’s CDP Data Visualization to explore data, collaborate and share insights from data ingest to data insights throughout the data lifecycle.

Operational Database

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Taking the complexity of selecting the perfect operational database, Cloudera’s CDP Operational Database provides a cloud-native option that allows you to scale and optimal performance.

Machine Learning

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Cloudera provides the gateway to utilise the power of data, analytics, and machine learning to innovate their business processes, customer experience, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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