Stratus builds solutions for onsite distributed computing of highly secure data. The infrastructure collects data from your business devices that is then processed in real-time.

Edge Computing is more critical with distributed centres of core operations for business and processes are managed through code and applications. The foundation for cloud computing is more mainstream and essential for success.

Stratus Technologies’ Edge Computing solutions are known for their zero vault, always on infrastructure solutions. This includes virtualisation, recovery, security and change management, implementation, installation and support services.



Your business is reliant on accurate real-time data from distributed collection points.


Ensure 24/7 uptime for your business-critical assets to process data for faster decision-making.


To maximise operational efficiency and improve performance of core business processes.


You need flexibility to scale quickly with peace of mind that security of data at source is maintained.


Saving cost and being agile to manage performance and efficiencies with business intelligence.

Stratus Technologies, Inc. is known for their fault-tolerant computer servers and software. With Obsidian System’s expertise in understanding the threats to your operations and investments we work together for the best solution to protect your company against current and future risks.

Key Issues:

Misconceptions of Edge Computing:

Why Stratus?

Stratus provides industry-leading service and support 24/7/365 worldwide. Our expert service professionals, backed by our advanced technology, monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems from Stratus Customer Assistance Centers (CACs) throughout the world.