Testing Automation Compliance Observability
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Testing Automation Compliance Observability (TACO)
is an automated continuous compliance auditing tool that provides visibility of your organisation’s infrastructure compliance status on a compliance and infrastructure dashboard.

Solution Overview



Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows


Compliance and infrastructure dashboards.
Reports in PDF & CSV.

Compliance profiles and tests for operating systems and compliance frameworks like GDPR, POPI, CIS, PCI DSS, SOX, STIG.​

Solution Features

Automation of Operating Systems

TACO provides an out-of-the-box, automated compliance profiles for different operating systems and servers. It includes different versions of Linux, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and AIX to name a few.

Scan and Detect

Automated scanning, detection and flagging of non-compliant servers and environments against the defined and selected compliance auditing profiles and policies.

Real-time Dashboards

Compliance and infrastructure statuses are available in real-time on a dashboard. Each compliance profile contains a set of controls. The dashboards show the number of failed, passed and skipped controls across all profiles. It empowers your infrastructure and operations teams to take immediate action to rectify any non-compliant servers.


The reports drill down one level from what is available on the dashboards to include.
All information available on the compliance and infrastructure dashboards are exportable to CSV and PDF.

Compliance Frameworks

Different regulatory compliance frameworks are covered as part of compliance automation. Frameworks covered include, but are not limited to, GDPR, POPI, CIS, PCI DSS, STIG, SOX. Custom development is needed to integrate our standard regulatory compliance profiles for your specific environment.

Service Level Agreement

Manage the performance of your service desk to integrate and close the loop of visibility for your infrastructure and operational teams response times to remediation actions to resolve non-compliant environments, applications and databases.

Custom development

If your operating system or application is not already part of an automated compliance profile of TACO, we can implement a custom compliance automation policy with tests according to your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

Real-time compliance status

You know the status of your compliance audits at all times as compliance controls execute on regular intervals and make results of the automated compliance auditing visible on a dashboard.

Automated compliance auditing

The implemented compliance auditing profiles automatically execute once implemented.

Easy onboarding of requirements

As new servers, environments, applications and databases are onboarded or implemented, compliance auditing profiles can be added easily and quickly to cover the new compliance auditing requirements.

Simplify compliance auditing

Once implemented and defined, compliance auditing is automated and simple.

Reduce compliance risks

Automated compliance auditing reduces the risk of fines as the outcome of a compliance audit due to all compliance requirements being visible and monitored automatically.

Reduce compliance audit costs

Automated compliance auditing reduces the costs and time of compliance audits.

Detailed offering

Hosting Providers

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • On-premise Data Centres
  • Any other cloud provider

Operating Systems

  • Linux (various distributions like Redhat, SUSE, etc.)
  • Microsoft Windows

Compliance Frameworks

  • GDPR
  • POPI
  • CIS
  • STIG
  • SOX
  • Obsidian Best Practice


  • 99% uptime
  • Service Desk


  • On-prem Chef Installation
  • Obsidian Cloud Chef Installation
  • Virtual Machines
  • Various applications and databases