Products CI

Products CI


To manage your technology pain points, we have found solutions in partnership with like-minded vendors that will help your teams to get their code to the best compute and deliver the correct data.

When you’re smart* we want to help you think and do things smarter*

Smarter brands start with our customers’ in mind so we have made it easier to set your digital strategy for specific pain points.


Designed for communication, synergy & collaboration. United to streamline your goals for your organisation, teams and individual contributors. This brand is optimistic, upbeat and the cheerleader for our stack.

SmarterTeams focuses on people and providing them with the skills to be the best they can be, together. Our SmarterTeams partners are always pushing the boundaries to innovate how we communicate, collaborate and create great products for you and your customers.

SmarterTeams is inclusive of everyone, no matter where you are, the structure of your organisation or what you do. It’s about staying calm, taking a structured approach and being reliable. These traits will allow you to be more productive, monitor, stay in touch, allow you to do more and have more time to focus on the things you want to.

Pantone 660 C

C: 82
M: 50
Y: 0
K: 0

R: 47
G: 118
B: 188

Pantone 7672 C

C: 93
M: 86
Y: 20
K: 6

R: 53
G: 66
B: 129


Designed to include all the best tools, in tailored packages, designed to fit your unique team demands for automation, management and scaling. This brand is innovative, driven and gutsy and yet calculated in what it wants to achieve.

SmarterCode is about harnessing finding the open solutions that allow integration capabilities that our vendor offerings provide. SmarterCode is about making sure our strategy is transformational and not just cost-effectiveness. SmarterCode’s key is about looking for the innovation that will differentiate you from your competitors, doing something different with what you’ve got or just being completely unique.

Pantone 1805 C

C: 22
M: 96
Y: 73
K: 12

R: 177
G: 41
B: 63

Pantone 261 C

C: 72
M: 98
Y: 30
K: 18

R: 93
G: 38
B: 100


Designed to assist you to scale, distribute and deliver your technology solutions. SmarterPlatforms is about working with open partners that are the best fit for your needs. This brand is about trust, reliability and doesn’t take risks.

SmarterPlatforms is about reassurance when it comes to integrating, utilising and efficiently computing in a hybrid system. This is about selecting the solution that meets your demands. Working together with many partners we remain agnostic to ensure you meet your compute requirements of on-premise or cloud speed, storage, security and compliance.

Pantone 1375 C

C: 0
M: 37
Y: 93
K: 0

R: 249
G: 156
B: 36

Pantone 485 C

C: 3
M: 90
Y: 89
K: 0

R: 224
G: 40
B: 38


Designed to accelerate your data solutions for storage, management, and analytics. SmarterData is about breaking new ground, growth and finding, engaging and closing your next big business venture.

Designed to leverage your data as a strategic asset. Big data is an integral component of business operations irrespective of industry. With increased reliance on data analysis for real-time decision-making, the right strategy, tools and team successfully mean that adoption in South Africa is possible.

Pantone 7730 C

C: 76
M: 11
Y: 82
K: 1

R: 60
G: 163
B: 97

Pantone 7700 C

C: 87
M: 53
Y: 44
K: 21

R: 38
G: 92
B: 108


Designed to fit your critical infrastructure and application requirements. We have proven expertise to maintain your software needs as part of your team. This ensures you benefit from a managed view of your systems and frees up valuable time to focus on forward-thinking projects.

We remotely manage your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, on a proactive basis and under flexible subscription models for your response needs. We will be able to configure, maintain, update, modify, monitor, report and set-up alerts your operating system or applications.

When you use SmarterMSP you can rest assured that specialised people that will keep an eye on ensuring that everything is always updated and on. You can reallocate your precious resources to innovating and taking care of your business needs.

Pantone 258C

C: 51
M: 86
Y: 1
K: 0

R: 140
G: 71
B: 153

Pantone 7678 C

C: 71
M: 85
Y: 12
K: 1

R: 104
G: 71
B: 141


Pantone 711 C

C: 11
M: 98
Y: 92
K: 2

R: 209
G: 42
B: 47

Pantone 167 C

C: 25
M: 79
Y: 100
K: 17

R: 182
G: 69
B: 36

Pantone P 656 U

C: 3
M: 2
Y: 2
K: 0

R: 243
G: 243
B: 243

Pantone P Black C

C: 70
M: 64
Y: 63
K: 63

R: 43
G: 43
B: 43