Cloudera Data Management

How your organisation drives productivity and transformation from data.

The ability to manage your hybrid IT needs with cloud processing allows you to move big data collection and processing to the cloud. For workload processing, you can process batch, real-time, and streaming data workloads in singular, multi-tenant, or cloud systems loads as your business needs.

Enterprise data is spread all over the place with rough estimations of data allocation across an organisation’s hybrid IT environment to be.

Develop, implement or optimise.

Supporting business growth without any CAPEX cost limitations with Cloudera Cloud.

Obsidian System's open-source approach allows customers the freedom of choice to be vendor-agnostic and prevent lock-in when designing and architecting the best-fit data management solution for your business.

Cloudera enables interoperability and tooling within a hybrid data environment.

Cloudera is the first choice for enterprise data cloud – take a holistic, flexible, and best-architected approach to your strategy for your data journey.

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Obsidian Systems is a Cloudera Partner that helps teams get their code to the best compute for the correct data.

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