Cloudera Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise data is spread everywhere with rough estimations of data allocation across an organisation’s hybrid IT environment to be.

Cloudera is fixed on the future of data and believes in creating the platform that will support the possibilities that data will unlock today.

Performance and scalability are critical to managing vast volumes of data when upscale or downscale as per demand.

Connectivity and the ability to integrate both new and historical data sources is essential. With Hadoop and Spark Integration align your processing and distribution workflows on top of Apache Hadoop from multiple external databases while facilitating the dissemination of data from you data lake throughout parallel computing clusters.

Adopt a bullet proof hybrid data management strategy.

Obsidian System's open-source approach allows customers the freedom of choice to be vendor-agnostic and prevent lock-in when designing and architecting the best-fit data management solution for your business.

Key Issues within a Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Data Strategy

When faced with implementing an existing or any data strategy within a hybrid and/or multi-cloud environment be aware of the following issues:

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